Grateful Wednesdays: Summer

Don't go summer
Sonder Skoene
hey gorgeous
Sunshine sun bright
Hey autumn
I see you autumn

Goodbye summer; hello autumn

I love the changing seasons. I love that you can feel the shift in the air. The change in the smell of the early morning, the sun bidding us adieu just a little later every day.

There’s something in our adjustment to changing seasons; how we adapt. Whether we put on coats, jerseys and boots.

There’s something about the things that tell us that we are alive. We. Are. Alive.

Love and Light.😘❤


I had a dream: Prt 2

Teacher showing us the ropes
Sleeving things together
Front of shirt
Shirt front
Mid shoulder
Attaching the back
The best part

Practice makes perfect

My third sewing class showed me FLAMES! Granted I didn’t do my homework and had to do alot of catching up during class. That sucked. Lol. On the flip side though I’m enjoying every minute. There’s a difference between learning a skill on your own and being taught by an expert. So we made a sample t-shirt from our patterns. It was pretty cool to see the vision come together, granted my tailoring needs a lot of work but, hey! Practice makes perfect!


FF: My Boyfriend Jeans & I

On the street 1

On the street 2

On the street 3

On the street 4

One question, or two? Is it just me why is it that when a pair of jeans say “boyfriend jeans” they might as well be straight-leg with a bit of room and a tear, here and there? Can you fill me in?😊

My entire outfit is thrifted, except for the black sandals which I got from The Fix seasons ago. The blouse is another from my recent Bree Street haul. It has the feel of chiffon, which feels good against the skin and I especially love the colour and the print. Apparently print on print is in right now, really wanna try that.

Hope you’re having a lovely week!


Gratitude Wednesdays: Home

With all the places I’ve been. One thing I have come to realise is that people make home, what it is, don’t they. Especially people who love you. We often take these people for granted, I do, but it’s definitely my heart’s intent to live a life where these people (read homes 😊) know that I love them, I’m thankful for them and I prize the place that they hold in my life. So on this smeltering March Wednesday in Johannesburg South Africa, I am thankful for my people, my homes.


Fashion Fridays: Mama Wore It Best

Another day. Another blouse.

I can’t say just how much I love vintage fashion. This blouse is another find from my recent, unexpected haul while taking a gander down Bree Street. I feel like this type of blouse was worn by an aunt or even my mom, lol, my mom is quite the fashionista, let me tell you.

I love the earthy feel of this outfit. Denim does that, doesn’t it? And my gorgeous brogues from ASOS aren’t doing too badly either. My jeans are also thrifted, shocking I know! I feel like I’m looking for the perfect thrifted pair of mom jeans! Haven’t found them yet! So the search continues. What are your favourite pair of jeans? Skinny, bootleg, straight-leg, mom, jeggings, lol, I LOVE, that we so many choices!

I Had a Dream

Finally a dream realised.

A Dream Realised

The story goes: a younger me wanted to become a fashion designer but life happened and I chose a different path. My heart never forgot and as I grew, I carried that desire deep within me. This year I have chosen to sign up for a sewing class, an introduction dress-making. We’re three weeks in and I’ve learnt so much already. Even though I didn’t become a fashion designer, my love for fashion, trends and clothes has remained and I have cultivated it lovingly. This opportunity to further realise this love, fills me with joy. I plan on sharing this journey with you all, I hope you’re keen to join me.