Midnight strolls in New Taipei City

I miss nighttime strolls in New Taipei City.  That hum, the safe surrounding. There was so much to see and discover.


NTC at night 02


NTC at night 01



Fashion Fridays: That White Shirt Again?


Ah! At long last! The winter is over and spring is here. Thankfully it wasn’t that cold a winter. But I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather.

As a thrifter I’m always repurposing the jeans I pick up, making my own. And these shorts are no different. I took a pair of jeans and made them into a pair of shorts. Life is a lot easier with a wardrobe stocked full of white shirts, I feel like you can never go wrong with a white t-shirt, can you? Especially the oversized kind, they’re my favourite.

Happy Friday!

Wholeness is our birthright

Wholeness is my birthright


The other day, I had a conversation with my dad about soul-fragmentation. How as people and due to the trauma we experience as we journey through this life, we tend to be broken on the inside. And of course this brokenness seeps into every area of our lives, our relationships, the work we do and importantly how we view ourselves.

I know that affirmations in themselves aren’t a cure-all. I know. But you have start the change somewhere. Those small steps that begin the healing process towards the desired destination. It is our birthright to be whole, we can only be our highest selves, our best selves when we are whole. So this is an affirmation I say to myself every day, I remind my soul, body and spirit of its true nature. It is my desire to live from that place of wholeness.

love, light and strength

Write it Plain

The aim, the objective

Studying up on writing in plain English. I laugh at that. Some don’t know it’s a thing. I didn’t either. I thought legalese and academese was some of the highest English there is. What now? Apparently it’s not all about the highest English or Queen’s English but about making English writing in its many forms simpler, better, faster. And also a whole lot more enjoyable to read in fact. So I give you, the case for Plain English!

As a writer it is my desire for anyone who ever reads my work to enjoy it and not stumble over my obfuscation (see what i did there?). Yeah, it’s important to make our reading engaging to your targeted audience in terms of their ability to read and adequately understand what is being said, what is the point otherwise?

light and love,

Fashion Fridays: Plain White Tees

Oversized tees FTW

I recently bought five oversized white t-shirts for the totally classic look. After pairing one white shirt with my favourite pair of thrifted denims, the look had me at hello. And you know how it goes, when you find a look that works, you wanna wear it for days. Tweak it a little, to see if it’ll fit with a pair of sandals, maybe a long skirt, idk. I just love this classic look, so simple yet so together. What are your go-to items? That pair of boots that goes with everything or that dress that fits you just right?

denims and white tee 1

denim and white tee 2


blurry face

I am Capable

I am capable of so much more

Loving affirmations so much more these days.

I’m seeing the importance of working on what I believe about myself and how I see myself in my mind’s eye. I feel as though so much of what I am able to be and do, rests on the view I have of myself.

I desire to live within the fullness of who I am called to be, charting my path by affirming the truth of who I am lays down stepping stones ahead of the path I am walking. These words are a light to my path and consolidate my soul.

Love, light & strength,

No Apologies Needed

billy chapata apology tweet


Opened my Twitter to see this gem. I love it when social media speaks to me in a real way. Billy Chapata’s tweets are always full of life and centre on self-care and self-love. These should be pivotal to the lives we live.
I love his last exhortation:

“Breathe, Love. Never let the lack of an apology stop you from existing.”

The truth of this though.
I’ve realised that the thing of closure, of needing an apology from someone who has hurt you or offended you, is not always about hearing those words, “I’m sorry.”
You don’t always need those words to be spoken to move on, to heal. I know, we feel better when someone seems remorseful for their actions, but what happens when they aren’t or they don’t even know that they’ve done wrong.
See? Healing has a lot to do with us, doesn’t it?

Changing your mind and seeing that actually you have the power. You can move on, without their remorse and even, without that person in your life. We will be okay, we’re alive for a reason, breathing and dreaming beyond the hurt, for a reason.

Love, light and strength.